About the artist, Allyson McPhaul Biography

Allyson McPhaul is an artistic welder with formal training in textile design. Graduating from Philadelphia University and working for over 25 years in her field, corporate design manager positions have taken Allyson around the world. Inspired by a love of fashion and textiles, she breathes life into the metal she welds, turning it into a glorious one-of-a-kind piece of work.  Whether it's modern, industrial, or whimsical, Allyson's attention to detail is breathtaking. Her curious expression captures your eye and won't let go. Other creative outlets include garment design and fabrication, casting concrete or whatever strikes her fancy.

Born in Haslett, Michigan, Allyson is a full time artist and a very active part of her community doing charity events, commissioned projects and works with local galleries and shops. She currently resides in South Carolina with her husband, Angus, and a rescue dog named Poppy, whose favorite collar is a string of pearls.

AllysonMcPhaul.com | P: 864.706.3782 | E: AllysonMcPhaul@gmail.com